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NRD-345 Brochure courtesy of N9EWO - tnx Dave!

Added 7-Apr-2009: Complete NRD-505 Schematics (4.6MB PDF file)


Japan Radio Company, Ltd. - Corporate Home Page

JRC Historical Gallery - Japanese page

JST-100 Review (RSGB Buyer's Guide To Amateur Radio): Page 1  Page 2   Page 3 (PDF format)

Dave Zantow's Receiver Page - Excellent info on JRC and other high-end HF receivers

Universal Radio - Receivers, antennas, books and accessories.

AC6V's Amateur Radio History

DXing.com - Includes Modern Receiver Survey, NRD-345, NRD-505, NRD-515, NRD-525, NRD-535, NRD-545

NRD-535 Early Design Sketches - From JRC's design review meetings, June 1990

QTH.net - Includes JRC mailing list archives

American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

TRS Consultants

PE1ABR's NRD-515 Modifications Page

Radio Netherlands Receiver Shopping List - Include NRD-545

Sherwood Engineering

Brooke Clarke's NRD-545 Page

Yahoo! eGroups: NRD-545

Passport To World Band Radio

World Radio TV Handbook

Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring Publications

Francesco Caizzi's Barlow Wadley XCR-30 Web Site - Information on the XCR-30 receiver and Wadley Loop systems.

Kiwa Electronics - Excellent source for IF filter upgrades and other SWL accessories.

Monitor Amateur Radio - UK site with amateur radio links.

RadioIntel.com - Great links page!

eHam.net - Amateur Radio News

Amateur Stations Using JRC Gear - QRZ.com bio search. Yeah, there are a couple of us...




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